Dinner for Two!

Hi everyone Kona here!

It has been a very busy Summer! I have a ton of blogging to do!


My friends at Nutrish sent a special package to Mom & DV the cat.


It was so much fun!
Mom had to wait a while for this special dinner. They even sent recipes from Rachael Ray. It seemed like every time the dinner was scheduled something came up. Either Dad was gone or we were. Dad is the chef in this house. We had fun shopping at the Farmers Market.

They have the best fresh fish & veggies there.

The Nutrish girls sent rice in a neat jar with Moms name on it.

Dad warmed up the grill and put the salmon on.


I am very excited to have Salmon for dinner. Mom always shares with me.

It was very yummy!
If you ever need great recipes go to http://www.rachaelray.com/recipe.php?recipe_id=3194
Thank you again Nutrish for a fun dinner!


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