I am Back!


Hi every one!
Mom has been having all kinds of fun lately, We decided to make my blog able to have advertising. I am pretty sure Mom won’t do that again. It almost took a month to get everything done. She thought our computer gal could do it for her. Change everything from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. You sure would think it wouldn’t be so complicated. I felt sorry for Mom. She was ready to smash all the computers in the house many times over. I am pretty sure I heard the computer laughing very loudly at her. It kept saying how can I mess with her day today! It was very creepy. I think the computer lady was having fun at Moms expense too. She knows how impatient Mom gets with technology . Mom did finally figure it out.


Please stay tuned ! We have a lot of catching up to do!

Oh I almost forgot!

Advertising Anyone?


Woofs & Wags



  1. MeeWoWee Kona. You still as purr-ty as ever. So glad your Mom finally got it all figured out now. Sure hates to see DaMa here go thru da same fings. MOL
    PanfurPurrs to you

  2. Hi there Kona…sound like Mom had a lot of “fun” with the computer!!! I’m sure you helped a lot. I miss you sweetie pie, hate it be so long till Vegas where I can give some hugs and kisses. You and Mom have a great day. Licks and sniffs, Jan

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