Myrtle Beach fun!

Hi All!

I had such fun on our big trip. One of our stops was the beach in Myrtle Beach SC. I wanted to stay all the time on the beach.

It was very warm so I would dig a trench for my shell. I found if I dug it deep enough I could lay down in it & keep nice & cool.

Mom tried to keep me from eating any sand but when I pick up my shell I do get sand with it. It is fun to have it all on my nose.
Myrtle Beach is very pup friendly! There are some rules to follow. 

May 1 – Labor Day. Pups are allowed on the beach before 10 AM & after 5 PM

The day after Labor Day – April 30. Pups can go anytime! Raise a WooF!
We came to Myrtle Beach for the BlogPaws Conerence. More on that soon.

Mahalo everyone!

Kona sending smooches your way!


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