My first giveaway!


I am so excited!
Mom is finally doing a giveaway on my blog. We signed up with Rafflecopter & everything.
We had been gone to Florida for a Conference but that is a whole other blog. Mom got the mail & I had a package.
Christine Hoy from Crunchkins had sent these really neat Halloween cards for dogs.

They are so cute!
They are 100% natural rawhide. The design on the card is nontoxic ink.


They come with an envelope so you can send them to a buddy or even a Granddog. Make sure you go in & have the Post Office weigh it. You definitely want the right postage on it.


Crunch Cards were developed by a veterinarian to provide healthy treats and to improve the bond between pets, their owners, and their friends.


You must check out their website!
With Halloween right around the corner. You may have pups coming to trick or treat. Remember we can’t have candy or chocolate to these would be Furbulous to pass out! I know I would love to get some. They haven’t forgotten you pussycats either. Also look for Purr*fect Greetings Catnip Cards for your feline friends!

Now the fun part! My giveaway! Since I gobbled up one of the cards. I had to test it out. It was totally for research purposes of course. That’s my story & I am sticking to it! We only have 3 left but I want to share with my pals. Please follow the rules from Rafflecopter so I can send you these fun ,yummy cards. Good Luck!

These cards are perfect for any special occasion. They have a wide selection.

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Happy Halloween Everyone!


Disclaimer : This was totally my own opinion. We were not paid for this review. Crunchkins was very nice & supplied the prizes for the giveaway.



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